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Strategically Lucky
Two of the world's oldest game elements
finally come together in simple
and perfect harmony.

Prepare yourself for a fast-paced game that can change
in an instant with any roll of the dice.
Is it a card game of strategy?
Is it a dice game of luck?

We'll let YOU decide.

Cards vs. Dice™ – Strategically Lucky
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CARDS vs. DICE™ CLASSIC - Strategically Lucky

• Fun, addicting and easy to learn - Get strategically lucky!
• Great family game for 2 to 4 players with tons of replay value
• You'll need luck and strategy throughout the game
• Modern design, composite storage case

AGES: 8+

PLAYERS: 2 to 4 players

OBJECT: Win the game by ridding yourself of all the cards in your hand or by collecting 7 “LUCKY” cards before your opponent(s).

HOW TO PLAY: The deck of playing cards is divided evenly amongst the players. “LUCKY” cards are placed face up to form a draw pile. Players take turns rolling the dice, the person with the highest roll goes first. Play moves clockwise.

Roll the dice. The sum of the dice becomes your target value. Discard one or as many cards as possible with the final sum being exactly equal to your target value. To collect a “LUCKY” card, discard only two cards with individual numbers that match exactly the numbers on the dice (ie. rolling a 4 and 2 on the dice means you discard both the 4 and 2 cards and can then collect a lucky card). You can only roll the dice once per turn. If you can’t play any cards, you skip your turn and must collect all cards in the discard pile (if any).

INCLUDED: 24 playing cards, 25 “LUCKY” cards, 1 rules card, 2 dice.

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